“My goal is to help guide you into a journey of feeling more connected with yourself.”

What is breathwork? 

A loose definition of breathwork is “breathing in a specific pattern to achieve a certain goal.” Although breathwork is trendy now, it has actually been studied and practiced for thousands of years. In a breathwork session, you combine different variations of breathing. This affects the central nervous system and comes out as physical, mental and emotional change. Breathwork helps to calm your stress and bring balance to your body as well as nourish your mind.

Not only do the breathwork benefits vary from person to person, as well as session to session, the experience does as well.


$20.00 a session!



“So, l was able to take part in the first breathwork class by Ashley. Lately, I’ve been up to trying new things to better myself, and have heard good things about breathing and how it can do wonders. Ashley’s class is straight up amazing.

Her voice is soothing and calming while giving instructions throughout the class. The breathing take maybe one round to get the hang of, at least for me anyways, but once I got it figured out, I could feel the tingling in my fingers and hands with every passing round. The gratitude visualization after the breathing really painted an amazingly vivid picture within my thoughts of what I was grateful for. By the end, I had melted into my mat and was so calm and peaceful, that I slept like a baby that evening. This is certainly for anyone looking to release any inner turmoil they may have. I can’t wait to do this again with Ashley!”

– Anonymous


“Breathworks is an experience like no other. The five different breathing techniques really relax my mind. Taking me to a place where I deeply thought about gratitude in your life. It’s a great way to self-reflect on things in my life now and what I want in the future.”



“Breathwork was able to help me finally achieve calmness within myself. I felt all of my anxiety and stress instantly melt away. It’s such a unique experience that everyone should try for themselves. I highly recommend breathwork with Ashley!!”



“I went to my first Breathworks class with Ashley Ray a few weeks ago. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had a hard time focusing during the breathing exercises but after each set, my mind started to feel clearer and clearer. When we got to the guided meditation, the emotions I felt were so immense. Ashley talked about envisioning a time where you felt truly grateful. And I thought of my boys. Their birth, being their mom, laughing with them. She asked what gratitude felt like to me and I instantly thought happiness.

She asked us to envision a younger version of ourselves. And what came to mind was a teenage version of me. In all her awkwardness and insecurities and fear. I wanted to tell her she was going to be ok.

That life gets better, so much better. That God has a plan for her, so much bigger than the plans she has for herself. That the light will shine brighter than the darkness and what was meant to make her weak will someday be what makes her stronger. And that strength will someday define her.

I would recommend this class to all walks of life. I will advise you to walk in with an open mind and I promise you, Ashley will help you leave with a clear heart. Her calming voice and presence helped ease all of my anxiety.

She is wise beyond her years. I am truly grateful for the experience, and I cannot wait!”



“Relaxation to the max, Ashley Ray made me feel super comfortable in guiding me through new breathing patterns!!!”