From the simplest manicures to the most decked out acrylics! Pricing can vary due to level pricing.

Shellac Gel nails

Madam Glam is designed with a unique soak off gel polish formula that is currently making it the best selling gel in the world. The Shellac gel will cure beautifully under UV lamps and will last for up to 2 weeks. The perfect mirror finish is gorgeous and will remain chip resistant making it best for manicures.


Acrylic nails

Create color-stable, strong, durable enhancements. Tips or Sculpted. Price can also very when adding extra length and nail shaping.

Level Pricing

Hard Gel

The beauty about hard gel is you can sculpt out a long strong enhancement that would rival an acrylic look, it is a little more flexible than acrylic and doesn’t require buffing to a high shine due to the glossy nature of the gel.

Level Pricing


Shaping of nails and cuticles, hand massage and polish

$42 & up

Nail Extras

French tips/fades, glitter, gems, detailed art, foils, ombre powder

$7 - $17+

Complimentary Nail Fix within first 24 hours

Any fix after that will start at $7 per nail

Please be aware that not all of our nail techs specialize in certain areas. We kindly ask before booking an appointment to check out their instagram pages to find the right nail technician for you, if you wanted something specific