Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry is a popular new trend that is taking over the beauty industry!

Permanent jewelry may be your best investment yet! People gravitate to this jewelry as a style statement, for sentimental reasons, and as romantic gestures! We custom-fit the jewelry around your wrist, neck or ankle and weld the two ends together. The actual “zap” takes all of a few seconds, and these beautiful pieces will not come off without some concerted effort. While permanent jewelry is not meant to come off, it can be quickly and safely removed with a simple pair of kitchen scissor. Book an appointment now for us to style you!



Pricing for the permanent jewelry pieces will be determined based on chain length, metal type, and charms. We have a variety of styles and types to choose from. Once you have picked out your perfect piece, our jewelers will price quote you accordingly! If you would like to get pricing beforehand, please call to set up a consultation! 



Please call or message one of our 3 certified permanent jewelers on Instagram to schedule your appointment! 

Maya                                                Renee 


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