Skin Care

Treat yourself and your skin to some much needed pampering.

Level 1

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Level 2

Lauren & Katie

Level 3



This customized 3 step non-invasive treatment provides instant results for all skin types with no down time. It removes dead skin cells, and extracts impurities while simultaneously delivering the skin with cleansing, hydration and moisturizing serums. Improves congestion, fine lines and wrinkles, even tone, firmness and elasticity, smoothes texture, fades brown spots, shrinks enlarged pores, and promotes radiance. Facial also includes a complimentary upgrade of a facial massage or dermaplaning. All the celebrities are raving about HydraFacials! We are the only supplier within 45 minutes of our salon!

 Erika, Lauren & Katie- $225 & up


Signature Blend

Recommended For All Skin Types And Concerns. Our signature facial is customized from beginning to end base on your skin type, key concerns and your skin’s specific needs. Incorporating modern, professional exfoliation, this treatment provides results with no downtime to reveal a radiant, revitalized complexion. This service combines the power of touch, aromatherapy and massage for deep relaxation to promote overall well-being and balance.

Level 2- Lauren & Katie $87 & up

Level 3- Erika $107 & up

Petite Facial

Perfect for teenagers or on the go! This facial incorporates our signature blend facial at a quicker pace to meet your skincare needs in a more efficient time.

Level 2- Lauren & Katie $70 & up

Level 3- Erika $90 & up

Gentleman's Facial

Similar to our signature facial but tailored specifically to our male clientele. (All men can receive any of our facials, the gentleman’s facial is just specifically created for them!)

Level 2- Lauren & Katie $77 & up

Level 3- Erika $97 & up

Pamper Me Facial

This 75-minute pampering session takes our signature facial to the next level! We incorporate soothing scents, essential oils, extra massage time and pure relaxation. Unwind with our Farmhouse Fresh products and give your skin vital nutrients and hydration.

Level 2- Lauren & Katie $103 & up

Level 3- Erika $123 & up


Skin resurfacing at its finest. Minimally invasive manual exfoliation that removes dead skin buildup and fine hairs. Leaving your skin smooth, refreshed and radiant! This allows products to penetrate deeper while allowing cosmetics (makeup) to apply easier.

Level 2- Lauren & Katie $132 & up

Level 3- Erika $152 & up

Express Dermaplaning

Express version of our regular dermaplaning facial gets you in and out! You will leave with smooth, exfoliated and peach fuzz free skin! Perfect for events!

Level 2- Lauren & Katie $47 & up

Level 3- Erika $57 & up

Microdermabrasion Facial

Recommended For All Skin Types, Texture Concerns., And Dry Flaky Skin. A minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture. It can improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, and melasma.

Level 2- Lauren & Katie $137 & up

Level 3- Erika $157 & up

Hydrodermabrasion Facial

This facial takes Microdermabrasion to the next level. This all-in-one treatment removes dead skin cells while penetrating serums directly into the skin to ensure total product absorption. All of that while exfoliating, hydrating and supplying proper antioxidants your skin needs. It’s that perfect thirst quench for your skin!

Level 2- Lauren & Katie $152 & up

Level 3- Erika $172 & up

Oxygen Infusion Facial

Re-energize tired cells in the skin to recover their splendor and youth. The skin appears plumper, more hydrated, and regains light and clarity. (add to any facial for $50)

Level 2- Lauren & Katie $137 & up

Level 3- Erika $157 & up 

Skin Tightening Facial

A non-invasive aesthetic procedure that uses a high frequency alternating current to heat tissue in the dermis of the skin, in a controlled and selective way to increase collagen, which consequently decreases skin laxity and photoaging. This thermal effect is so efficacious because it causes changes in collagen structure and also triggers Neocollagenesis, or the production of new collagen fibers, in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. So many anti-aging benefits!

Level 2- Lauren & Katie $152 & up

Level 3- Erika $172 & up

Back Facial

Similar to a face-facial, but for your back, this treatment consists of deep cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, steam, masks, serums, moisturizers and a relaxing massage.

Level 2- Lauren & Katie $97 & up

Level 3- Erika $117 & up

Chemical Peels

Customized chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layer allowing fresh new skin to grow back smoother, brighter and more refreshed. Targets dullness, hyperpigmentation, acne, acne scarring, and minimizes wrinkles.
*Must receive a Glo Signature Facial prior to reserving a chemical peel*

Pricing To Be Determined at Consultation

Scalp Treatment

Uses our high frequency scalp comb to increase circulation and blood flow to the hair follicles. Drawing vital nutrients to the hair bulb encouraging healthier and stronger hair growth. Helps with better hair growth, controls hair loss, and helps with dandruff. This is followed by a CBD infused scalp massage. (Add just the treatment to any facial for $15 or add the treatment massage to any facial for $45!)

Erika, Lauren & Katie $47 & up


Add Ons

  • Add on Lip Scrub to any facial for only $12!
  • Add on High-Frequency to any facial for only $17
  • Add on Oxygen Infusion for only $52
  • Add on Scalp Stimulation High Frequency Hair Treatment with CBD scalp massage for only $22!
  • Add on Dermaplaning for only $47
  • Add on a Specialty Mask for only $15