Mystic Spray Tan

Come in to try our Mystic spray tan booth! Sunless spray tanning is the spray/mist application of sunless tanning solution to your body.

Advanced technology to eliminate orange tones.

Individual Application


Spray Tan Membership

1 Month at $68


3 Months at $174
*58 per/month


5 Months at $290
*48 per/month


1 Year at $480


1 tan a week, up to 5 tans a month!

*Tans cannot roll over, or be given to anyone else

*Tanning add ons not included!

Spray Tan Add-On


Colors that give an instant temporary tanned appearance to a client’s skin before the solution has a chance to begin tanning their skin.



Don’t love the spray tan smell? Add on one of our scents to mask the spray tan aroma!



Balances your skins pH levels, which in return gives you a faster, deeper, darker tan!